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Welcome to Derp Islands
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Derp Islands, is an established server that has existed for over a year now. Even though we don't often advertise, a small community has developed with bonds so strong people have even met in real life. We pride ourselves on these bonds with our members and staff because it shows what Minecraft is really about. Community.
Our server has a lot to offer we use an economy and a centralized mall in which players can purchase any material they need to build or explore. Several sections of this mall are set up for player stores while one section is set up for the admin shops. Goods are always in stock and ready for purchase. All shops use our in game currency Derpels.
Derpels can be gathered in various ways, for example they drop from all monsters in the visual form of gold nuggets. We also utilize Monster Arena which awards players items and Derpels for competing. In addition you may sell items from your inventory to the server.
We understand that people have varying tastes for the game that's why we utilize multiple worlds. In addition to the main world we have a Creative World. We have a PVP World, where users can grief and steal from each other. We have a Survival World, where its pure vanilla. We are also working on other worlds to expand our audiences. These worlds can be located at spawn outside the mall.
Our staff is friendly and dedicated to protecting your builds from maliciousness. Anytime you find anything wrong please alert staff and we will roll it back to its former glory. We welcome all players types especially creative builders to join our community. We look forward to seeing you.
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