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The Rules of the Derp Islands Minecraft Server

1: No Griefing

Do not add to or takeaway blocks or materials from someone else's area without their permission.
Do not harvest from farms or kill contained animals from someone else's area without their permission.

2: Treat other players with respect

Do not use hate speech or name-calling when referring to someone else or talking to them.
Do not kill other players unless in an authorized PVP area.

3: Do not access other people's containers

Do not look in, take out items, put in items, or destroy items in chests, furnaces, dispensers, brewing stands, or anything that can hold items.

4: Do not harass the moderation team

Do not ask for promotions, modship or free things.
If they are helping someone else, wait your turn, do not keep asking.
Do not ask for special permissions outside of your Tier.

5: No hacked clients or glitch exploitation

If unsure about a client-side plugin, ask about it.
If asked not to use something, please do not use it.
If you find an exploit or glitch on our server, report it, do not try to keep using it.

6: Use the ingame chat responsibly

No spamming
No advertising
Please try to keep to clean language
If a mod tells you to stop, stop
Breaking any of these rules usually warrants a warning. We try to allow for two (2) warnings before a ban, but this will change depending on the situation.
Note: Donations are not taken into account when punishments are given out for breaking these rules. Everyone is responsible for their own actions on the server, money will not help keep you out of trouble.
Last updated: Nov 08, 2012
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