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Town is done?
finished the shell, just have to decorate, unless someone hates it and we have to start over.
Uh-oh, Dragon broke...
Now we have to get a new one
example town
example of desert town
Furry Staff WIP
welp got outlines done along with a few redesigns, and started coloring with Dark phoenix first :P. Also Tea if you want in on this send me a pick of your pony m'kay
Steve Pony
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Derp Girls!
I got bored at 3 am and decided to draw the staff members as sexy girls. Well, some of them. Got tired of drawing mid-way through.
More Improvments, Twillen wanted to see.
For Twilly willy.
Zelda is Done!
My steam punk Zelda is done. Now just to do the background!
New Images for the Site?
I'm working on some new banners of for the site featuring derp civilians and staff with builds they are the most proud of. I first did myself (My Zelda steampunk skin in front of tier5 town) as a pitch to the other staff members.
Furry Derp Staff
Yeah been wanting to do this for a while. will touch this up and add Tea later :D
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