The Derp Islands Fighting League! WE WANT YOU!

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The Derp Islands Fighting League! WE WANT YOU!

Post by Progwd » Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:20 pm


Hello there, my name is Progwd, you can call me Pro or Proggy, and I have had the masterful idea to create our very own bare-knuckle brawling and PVP league on the server. Do you think you are the toughest badarse one the server? Just want the prizes? Well, come sign up for this very fun and very awesome PVP league.

So the rules are simple:

* You sign up for the roster. You then are eligible for all monthly tournaments. You can sign up below.
* During the tournaments, you will engage in a PVP tournament. You will start facing one opponent, and all members who win their "fight" move on to the gigantic Battle Royale for the Tournament win and sometimes the World DI Heavyweight Championship!

Following the tournament, every participant will receive 1000 Derpels. And the winner of the tournament gets a whopping 100,000 Derples!

To sign-up, in your post below just say ENTER.
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