personal views about friends on the internet.

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personal views about friends on the internet.

Post by dpheonix68 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:46 am

Something that has always bothered me has been the term "internet friend". When dealing with people and making friends in person you talk about common interests and possibly engage in those interests such as video games. This also is how online interactions work. Eventually you end up voice chatting and BSing just like in real life. You end up trusting this person and relying on them for communication or just things to do. Basically all the things a friend is in every sense except the fact you dont live close.

What irks me is when these people eventually shrug you off or vanish into no where as if your some kind of material, resource, or just a form of entertainment. Even when you have talked with these people more often than your real life friends. Then eventually when you come across them again and try to say hi they ignore you or use the saying" oh we're just internet friends".

To me friendship is friendship doesn't matter where you are or who you are. Separating people into different levels of friends in my opinion is just wrong. If you want to stop being friends with someone just tell them then don't do these vanishing games that just add to more anger or frustration.

If you hate me then just tell me why and be done with it. If things cant be fixed then part ways whats done is done. Ignoring, blocking, or banning is a cowards reaction to anything.

This wasn't directed at anyone just inspired from a discussion with people about the nature of people. If you felt this was personal well then maybe your guilty of it and need to look inside to what kind of person you really are.

Remember the internet doesn't make people into assholes, it allows the assholes to be who they really are inside. Good people are good all the time, Bad people like to hide until they won't get in trouble.