Coming Changes to Our Minecraft Server

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Coming Changes to Our Minecraft Server

Post by CitizenOfDenial » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:28 am

It's been awhile since there's been an update to Minecraft, but with 1.9 around the corner, the team has decided to finally make some much needed changes to our server.
1. First things first, there is going to be an overhaul of the Tiered ranking system. This has been a long time coming. We used to offer higher ranks and more abilities to players who donated towards server costs, but when Mojang started enforcing the part of their EULA that forbid that, we changed that internally. That change was never put into place visually, but it will be now. Anyone who previously donated will not be losing anything, and in fact may be gaining some things. Members, people who have passed the spawn test but have not signed onto our forums, will be called "Amateurs". Tier 1, those people who have signed onto our forums, but have not donated anything, are now "Pros". Lastly, Tiers 2-5, people who donated at least $5 dollars previously, are now called "Veterans". Any rank above that will not be changing visually, but there will be some rearranging on our end. These include Ancients, Protomods, Sentrys, Peacekeepers, and Overseers.

2. Perhaps our largest change will be to the main building world of the server. We have decided as of 1.9, we will be removing this world from the server and starting from scratch with a new world. The spawn world, and any other worlds will be as of yet unaffected by this change. It will be backed up and we can assist any players with, if possible, retrieving anything of importance from it. This change will allow us to gain the new spawning structure started with 1.8's biomes, and the new way random structures are generated, as our current world is large and unruly, with multiple layers of land generation cutting into each other.

3. Another large update is coming to the mall. We haven't updated the inventories of its NPC's in quite some time. They are missing several new items from 1.8 and all of the new items from 1.9. We are working on updating them to help our players buy anything they do not wish to hunt for themselves. As a primarily artistic server, we wish for our players to be able to build with whatever they can, while maintaining the survival version of Minecraft's sense of accomplishment as best as we can.

These changes will happen as they are available, the timing of everything as usual depends on the plugins we use to maintain the server updating as the game itself updates. Any questions can be directed to us by way of replying to this post and we will get to them as quickly as we can. Thank you for your time and have fun building.
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Re: Coming Changes to Our Minecraft Server

Post by Progwd » Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:10 pm

Sounds sick Citizen. I haven't booted up Minecraft in a while. I may have to hop on soon and see these changes. :)

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