Official "Minecraft Sucks Shit" Series Thread

Got some video tours, images, skins, or just projects your working on post it here. We enjoy seeing how creative everyone is.

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Official "Minecraft Sucks Shit" Series Thread

Post by Stern0ne » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:16 pm

Hello, Derp Islands!
As some of you already know, I have the worst videos uploaded to the internet and I'm the only one that laughs at them. This thread is about a particular series of those videos that revolves around Minecraft and is now about traveling through the wonders of Derp Islands.

Original 'deo: I just thought it would be funny to riff on the game like a bumbling fool whom knows nothing about Minecraft.

Part Deux: This 'deo was about that same bumbling idiot returning to another blocky-ass adventure to join Derp Islands.

Part 3: A bit longer than the last, but I try hard too keep your attention!