Alpha City

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Alpha City

Post by Tailes » Thu Feb 23, 2012 10:19 am

Alpha City
Still under construction. Take the Mario Castle portal in the HUB
Home of the Alpha Team! The city is located on a large flat piece of land in the middle of the ocean. This community has no real theme, no specific rules other than build whatever is on your mind wherever you like! I started Alpha city because I like building random things that pop in my head that don't normally fit anywhere else on the server. Alpha is supposed to be a city so I want the builds to be close together almost feeling cluttered. We have a main road that cuts through the entire city and smaller streets that branch off to expand. As space is needed, the city expands. But I strongly encourage building close together! It's a city of randomness!

At the moment I am working on shaping the island, adding few farms like Cactus, Tree, Sugar, Pumpkin, etc. To help the community harvest.
I am working on making the community mine a little more user friendly.
Working on lighting up the streets to make the island safe

Come to Alpha, build whatever you like! If it doesn't fit anywhere else on the server, it will fit here!