New Community Opening Up

Player created communities can advertise here or just announce their creation. Look for members to join your community or just post some images.

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New Community Opening Up

Post by jcd2000 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:06 pm

I have recently opened a town named "Lakeside" in derp. The portal is in the brick house near the back of portal hub. Behind the large cave. This town is built to be able to have nice looking houses in a nice looking town. At the moment the town had just opened up and there isn't much in it, but there is a Archery Range, Store, Tree Farm, Planted stuffs farm and more.

The towns rules are similar to the normal servers rules but there is added rules:

#1 Do not build without asking jcd2000
#2 Do not grief or steal from other peoples chests.
#3 Abide by ALL server rules.
#4 Have fun!

If you would like to join please tell me :)